Low Error Rating


Cimetra has one of the lowest error ratings for Nashville third party logistic companies in the southeastern regions of the United States.  Much of this is due to our efficient use of warehouse space, effective operations management and skilled logistics professionals.  We have been able to sustain this low-error rating, while still providing a wide range of third party logistics services in Nashville.



When you use Cimetra as your Nashville third party logistics management partner we will focus on:

  • Quality analysis of all received materials
  • Order accuracy
  • Correct processing of necessary paperwork for transit
  • Storage requirements
  • Timetable and schedule
  • Clear communication with shippers/carriers
  • Verified routes and destinations
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Security and safety of all inventory

All inventory and materials go through a rigorous inbound-receiving quality check.  This check is only one step on the way to making certain your total inventory is received and shipped to the correct locations in a timely manner.