Scott H. – CFO

"I believe Cimetra is an important business partner who gives us the ability to effectively and efficiently service our customers and who has done so for over 20 years. This commitment to excellent customer service comes from Melanie and her team who have the ability to adapt and evolve and who are always up for the next challenge. Having worked with multiple 3PL providers, Cimetra is by far the best 3PL partner for our business that we've experienced."

Robert O.

"It's been more than 20 years since my companies began utilizing the services of Cimetra as a third-party logistics partner. I was introduced to Marvin and Pat, and their daughters Cindy, Melanie, and Tracey by another Cimetra customer who raved about their family approach to business and their commitment to exceptional service. At the beginning, the Cimetra warehouse we utilized could best be described as something resembling a barn with an adjoining office, but it worked for us and, oh-my, did we ever grow together. Our US-based company, CanAm Care grew with Cimetra from $0 in revenue in 1990 to more than $27 million in 1998, at which time CanAm Care was sold to Inverness Medical. During that time period our business together was based on an agreement that was handwritten on a single piece of paper along with a firm handshake-- business the old fashioned way, based on trust and integrity. Upon the sale of CanAm Care to Inverness, Cimetra proved itself to be extremely capable by continuing to handle CanAm's warehousing and shipping under Inverness' ownership for three years and then, when Inverness sold its diabetes assets to J&J in 2001, Cimetra proved itself to be the same capable third-party logistics partner to J&J. In 2002, we re-acquired CanAm Care back from J&J and we have continued to utilize and grow with Cimetra as our principal warehousing and shipping partner. The best reference one can possibly provide is to do business with a company over an extended period of time-- after all these years, we're still at it together!"