What is Logistics?



 Logistics lays the framework of your total supply management process. This includes the planning, management and control of the movement of goods from one physical location to another.  At every point, from manufacturer to storefront, from inventory to consumer, and all the documentation in-between, logistics is fueling the machine.

At Cimetra this means ensuring the right items are in the right place at the right time.  A wide variety of businesses and industries are using logistics every day.  The high-speed pace of  modern business and commerce has made logistics a vital part of succeeding in a globally expansive marketplace.  All of the products you see on store shelves are there because of logistics.  Without logistics departments, managers and services, the products you consume daily would never make it to your home or business. 

Logistics Management

 Although the idea of logistics is fairly simple, its execution in today’s world can be very complex. The functions of material handling, transportation, inventory management, packaging and warehousing are all becoming more technical. In addition, each of these functions needs to be integrated into a single coordinated supply chain process. To do this successfully, accurate information must be obtained from each element of the logistics cycle, including manufacturers, shippers, retailers, vendors and consumers.  Today’s logistics professionals utilize advanced technology and software, along with skilled managers, to execute the logistics cycle and process countless pieces of data. This is known as logistics management.

A number of variables contribute to effective logistics.  Material handling, transportation, packaging, inventory and warehousing all play a role in the logistics cycle.  Ensuring all the required raw materials, in-production and finished products are where they need to be, when they need to be, is the main goal of successful logistics management.  The ability to coordinate this work at the lowest possible cost is the final piece of the logistics process.  By reducing overhead, logistics providers can pass those savings onto customers and improve their services. 

Third Party Management (3PL)

 To effectively manage both the requirements and cost involved with the manufacturing of goods, many businesses and organizations have begun to outsource their logistics needs.  Third party logistics, or 3PL, has become integral to the manufacturing process for both global and domestic commerce.  Rather than spending costly time managing the various details of logistics in-house, many manufacturing companies are trending towards using a third-party specializing in the details of logistics.  Third-party logistics companies possess all of the knowledge, hardware and established processes to facilitate the needs of any organization moving inventories from one point to another.  Cimetra is one of those companies.

At Cimetra, we are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the entire logistics process is managed and developed in coordination with the goals of our customers and at the most economical cost.  We warehouse and transport goods as needed, both internally and across country.  To ensure your customer’s satisfaction, we track all goods in transit, as well as lead the planning, management, control and coordination of the entire logistical flow.   It is our top priority to make certain products are safe and secured, received when expected and in excellent condition.  We do all of this at an affordable cost that works with your company’s budget, so you have more time and money to spend on your core business goals.

Cimetra can meet all of your third party logistics needs:  warehousing services, cross docking, inbound receiving, quality and quantity checks, order fulfillment, freight consolidation, customs documentation and kitting.  Working with Cimetra will help you reduce costs related to your manufacturing and logistical needs.