Nashville Logistics


Nashville offers a highly strategic location for those shipping and transiting products, inventory and materials within the continental United States.  As an added bonus Cimetra’s Nashville warehouses are strategically located near the Nashville International Airport and between two major highways.  This location is ideal for not only domestic orders, but international shipping as well.  For international orders, the Nashville 3PL company can also handle preparation of any required customs documentation.

A key element to reducing overall logistics costs – and what makes Cimetra one of the most sought after and valued Nashville third party logistics companies in the southeastern United States – is a convenient central location.  Census data states that 50 percent of the nation's population lives within 600 miles of Nashville.  In addition, major veins of the America’s expansive network of railroads and highways run directly through Nashville. 


Sitting in a central United States hub, Cimetra’s Nashville third party logistics 3pl service saves you valuable time and money, while helping you build and maintain a happy customer base.