Cimetra Adds Valued Resource by Joining the International Warehouse Logistics Association


In an effort to create added value and provide customers with access to better third-party logistics services, Cimetra has joined the International Warehouse Logistics Association. In addition to providing clients with improved warehousing and logistic services, membership with IWLA will help Cimetra lower operation costs and stay current on new developments in the international logistics industry. Technology in the logistics industry is quickly accelerating as is businesses needs for high-quality logistics providers. Cimetra joined IWLA as a way to keep astride new technologies and progressive industry standards.

“The primary reason for joining IWLA was to get access to all their valuable educational resources,” stated Cimetra CEO Melanie Guay. “In this business you are constantly needing to stay current with technology and new industry practices if you want to be competitive. We are seeing a lot of movement towards sustainable services - creating lower impacts on the environment and positive impacts on the economy. We want to be on the forefront of growing trends in logistics.”

Membership with IWLA also opens Cimetra up to a network of industry experts who regularly provide advice on customer intelligence and introduce new ideas for value added services through online seminars. Aside from education over new industry innovations, IWLA provides additional branding and marketing benefits, which help build customer loyalty and business relations.

“I am already signed up for a IWLA webinar and excited to share what I learn with the rest of the staff,” says Guay. “We can take this added knowledge and share it with our clients - let them know that we are interested in more than just profits, but providing them with the best services and working to set the industry standards.”