Cimetra Releases Tip Sheet Highlighting Why Hiring a Third Party Logistics Company to Manage Supply Chain Needs Will Benefit Businesses


When the average person places an order through an online e-commerce store, it is most likely they are not aware of how much goes into getting that product from the manufacturer to their eagerly awaiting hands. For large businesses with extensive networks of clients located over wide geographical areas, professionally managed logistics support is a necessity. Conveniently located in Nashville, Tenn., Cimetra shares a handful of ways specialized 3PL services can provide businesses with a valued partner in managing their supply chain needs and give them an additional advantage over competition. Third party logistics (3PL) is a quickly growing industry that has the potential to add exponential value to any business due to its flexibility, functionality and varied catalog of services.

Cimetra states that third party logistics covers more than just shipping, it is usually a combination of services including; trucking, warehousing, order fulfillment and other important steps in the supply chain process. In the end most companies will be saving money by outsourcing logistics functions rather than handling the process themselves. Outsourcing 3PL services helps:

1. Create more efficient solution for inventory management. Third party logistics allows for a proven plan to be put in action. Companies do not need to worry about the process because it is already established.

2. Allows for access to a professional warehousing and shipping experts. Most 3PL companies are full of experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of every situation. Nothing will come as a surprise to them.

3. It is a partnership not a vendor. Third party logistics can only thrive is businesses are selling products. It is in their best interest for the companies they work with to be successful.

4. Lowers overall costs for businesses. Providers already have all the state of the art technology businesses would have to invest in to manage their own logistics. A professional third party logistics company will take into consideration specific business models to create the most cost effective solutions.

5. Helps customers save money on shipping and handling costs. When a business is saving money on logistical services they can afford to pass those savings onto clients and customers.

Not all third party logistics companies cover every aspect of logistics like Cimetra. Cimetra claims what sets them apart is the fact they offer a one-stop shop for all of a businesses supply chain needs at affordable cost. When businesses choose Cimetra as their third party logistics provider they are given multiple advantages over other companies who are not outsourcing their shipping, warehouse services and inventory management needs.

There are a few items business owners should consider when choosing a third party logistics company such as their independent business goals and unique product. Third party logistics works with companies as a partner - the ultimate goal being efficient management of important logistical details the company may not have the resources or time to address themselves. Finding the right 3PL partner means matching a business’s needs with corresponding logistical services priced at levels that will maximize overall revenue and surpass customer expectations.