Cimetra Warehousing & Distribution, LLC to Open New Temperature Controlled Warehouse


On June 1st, the Nashville based logistics and warehousing company, Cimetra, will open doors to its new temperature controlled warehouse. The new warehouse is designed as an extension of a current warehouse and will provide companies with more options for housing their products. Currently, the logistics company provides a variety of services including warehousing, freight consolidation, inbound quality/quantity checks and Pick & Pack order fulfillment in addition to full service third party logistical partnerships.

The company, originally founded in 1977 in upstate New York, responded to a growing demand for their services by moving to Nashville, TN, for a more central location. Still family owned and operated, the new branch operates with two warehouses totaling over 260,000 sq. ft of storage space with ceilings that clear 30 feet. The facility is secured with a security system, and fences that encircle the property.

Cimetra owner Melanie Guay said, “Many of our customers come to us because we give them the opportunity to concentrate on their business while letting us worry about the warehousing. Our margin of error is extremely low in fact in one of our recent shipments found less than an error per product out of 3 million boxes.”

Temperature controlled warehouses can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. There are many products that wouldn’t last as long if they had to endure the harsh summer heat and humidity that Nashville brings. Cosmetics, are a good example of products that could easily melt in harsh environments severely curtailing the life expectancy of the shipment.

Their state-of-the-art warehouse management system keeps track of future shipments and backorders in addition to all other management needs which ensures the timely arrival of products arrive at customers doors. Guay later commented, “Our slogan, ‘No One Does It better’ is because we really do, do it best! We have had many clients tell us that no where else handles their product as well as we do.”