How 3PLs Can Stand Out By Using Social Networking, Big Data and The Cloud


The logistics industry is entering a new era. Several factors are making it essential for companies to stand apart from competitors by offering improved sales strategies. One of the best ways to do that: customer relationship management (CRM).

Salesforce is one of many cloud platforms capable of connecting to mobile apps on smartphones, iPads and tablets. By allowing 3PLs to respond faster to customer needs, logistic companies are able to deliver higher quality service and lower the cost of sale.


Just to illustrate - one business is using a cloud-based app to connect the company’s warehouses worldwide with their global account teams so that when a warehouse manager “saves the day” that information can be instantly shared and celebrated at the corporate office.


Choosing the Right Cloud Based Supplier


When making the move to a cloud platform, make sure to do your research. If you don’t go with a cloud-based supplier that runs on a secure system, you risk losing sensitive customer information. This simple mistake can tarnish your company’s reputation and send you into a load of legal trouble.


Finding the Talent to Make it Happen

To keep up with the increasing demands being placed on 3PLs, companies should strive to hire the new talent coming out of Schools with top-notch logistics programs, like Penn State. But you must first attract these individuals to your company by investing in internal social, cloud-based platform tools.

It would be naive to expect a 23 year old, who sits in front of Facebook all day, to want to work in front of a mainframe “green screen” terminal. Make your company desirable to work at for college grads.

Achieve Growth by Offering Value!


3PLs don’t need to look to emerging markets to increase profits. By reengineering to give customers remarkable value, logistic companies can stand out from the pack and achieve phenomenal growth.


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