Increase Efficiency with e-Commerce Fulfillment Services


Have warehouse. Will fulfill. Cimetra’s e-commerce fulfillment services help businesses increase efficiency.

Doing it Yourself Makes So Much Sense, Right?

Whether you’re a retail store with an online presence or business fulfilling your own website orders, there is a pretty simple process you go through, and we all know the drill: - Web order comes in via email - Woohoo! - Order is printed out and handed to an employee - Product is pulled from a cold, scary place with shelves somewhere in the back - On a table stacked with all kinds of shipping tape, boxes and labels, the ‘fulfillment’ procedure takes place. - It works, but does it make sense? But in the back of every small business owner’s head, there are a few lingering questions:

“What if I don’t sell enough and my product storage area fills up?”
“What if I get a spike in sales and don’t have enough product to fill all those blessed website orders? My customers will be furious!”
“Is it worth it to pay an employee just to fulfill the orders? Even at minimum wage, that’s a lot of margin I’m losing.”

There’s got to be a better way, right? Well, there is: Outsourced e-commerce fulfillment services by Cimetra.

The Case for e-Commerce Fulfillment Services

Our team ships out thousands of products each and every day for businesses of all kinds to customers throughout the entire United States. Located in Nashville, TN, we’re able to utilize the efficiency of three major interstates merging to get product shipped overnight or next day. Business owners love working with us because we take care of every order as if it was our own. Our warehouse is secured from intruders and has temperature areas. Our shelves are organized and managed by state-of-the-art warehouse management software, so we don’t waste time trying to figure out if the right product is being pulled.

Saving Your Business Cash

We find that it’s possible to save business money in several ways:

1. Employee Costs - For a fraction of what it costs to pay an employee, we store, pull and ship product for you. Get your margin back and use that employee to help sell more, not cost more.
2. More In-store Space - What can you do with all that space you just freed up by storing your product off-site? Can you display a new product line? Can you put in an employee break room? Maybe a hot tub? (You’ve thought about it, don’t lie.)
3. Reduced Cost in Shipping Supplies - Sell product from your store til’ your heart’s content, but don’t waste energy or money on shipping product. We buy massive amounts of shipping products at a volume discounts, which enables us to be much more efficient with your supplies cost. It all adds up and benefits the bottom line.

No More Headaches - The End of Wrong Orders

Oh no, it happened again... Your store sent out the wrong order. It was an easy mistake, but that order is now costing you money instead of making you money. Oh well, the cost of doing business, right? Wrong! We can integrate with your website’s shopping cart to send orders directly to our system. No more emails to print, not more missed or incorrect products pulled. It just works.

Returns and Replacements? We Got That

Returns and replacements are part of any product-based business. If your customer sends back a product and wants a return, we’ll take care of it so you don’t have to. The product gets returned to inventory, our system is updated, and the financial transaction is handled through the software. If a replacement is requested, we’ll ship it out with the expediency you desire.

Customer service issues... What customer service issues?

Outsourcing Your e-Commerce Fulfillment Just Makes Sense

Now that you’ve had a chance to take a look at why fulfilling orders through Cimetra makes so much sense, call us and let us answer any questions you still have. We’ll help you make the best decision for increasing your efficiency and improve margins on every product.