How 3PL Can Enhance Customer Service


People today have more options than ever when deciding where to buy a product. And while price is a strong determining factor in purchasing decisions, 55% of customers say they would pay more for an excellent customer service experience, according to recent research.

WIth the rise of E-commerce, product fulfillment and delivery has become one of the best ways to differentiate your business by providing phenomenal logistical services.

And if you think that reliable and speedy delivery is just an afterthought, think again. According to Harris Interactive, 93% of online shoppers would not buy from a business again if they had a bad ordering experience.

Customers don’t just want a great product. They want the right product, delivered at the right time, at the right price.

What a 3PL Company Can Do That You Can’t:

Because of their vast experience and solid framework, 3PLs can do things that your company likely can’t, at least not without a lot of time and money.

  • Efficiently deliver products - logistics companies are able to get your products to your customers accurately and on time.
  • Reduce costs - By hiring a 3PL company, you eliminate the need to invest in the warehousing, staff and technology needed to execute logistics services.
  • Tailor services based on needs - You will receive the advantage of scaling your warehousing space and labor based on your needs. This is especially helpful for seasonal products and works to open up lines of delivery in new locations.
  • Gain access to industry expertise -  You will benefit from the industry expertise of seasoned logistics providers who know how to best navigate logistical challenges.

Avoid the Learning Curve.

You don’t need to handle the exceedingly complex process of logistics by yourself. If you try, you will likely end up wasting large sums of money and potentially risk losing customers because of the inevitable trial and error period.

By going with an established 3PL provider, like Cimetra, you can avoid the learning curve and begin delivering remarkable logistics services to your customers immediately. Contact us today!

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