When the average person places an order through an online e-commerce store, it is most likely they are not aware of how much goes into getting that product from the manufacturer to their eagerly awaiting hands. For large businesses with extensive networks of clients located over wide geographical areas, more

On June 15, 2012 Cimetra opened up a temperature controlled section within our warehouse that can hold 900 pallets.  Storage is available for anyone needing to warehouse product that must be held in a controlled environment.  We started off small and will grow with our customers.  Storage more

For many business owners, especially those involved in startups, shipping and distribution can be quite an obstacle. Companies with market worthy products may find their budget simply doesn't allow them to open elaborate distribution facilities during the first few years in business. Depending on the type more

In an effort to create added value and provide customers with access to better third-party logistics services, Cimetra has joined the International Warehouse Logistics Association. In addition to providing clients with improved warehousing and logistic services, more

On June 1st, the Nashville based logistics and warehousing company, Cimetra, will open doors to its new temperature controlled warehouse. The new warehouse is designed as an extension of a current warehouse and will provide companies with more options for housing their products. Currently, the logistics more

CIMETRA counts inventory in record time. 3,553,442 units counted in 4.5 hours with 5 teams. Inventory was reconciled the same day and their customer was open for business the next morning after an auditor confirmed inventory counts.

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CIMETRA completes final phase of a four phase business plan two months ahead of schedule.

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CIMETRA opens up for business in their new Nashville, TN location. After having only one warehouse location in upstate New York for the past 20 years, Cimetra was asked by one of their customers to open a warehouse in the Mid-South. After intensive planning and searching for the ideal location and warehouse space, more